The Performance Factory

the performance factory

Our story starts in 2000 as a spin-off from Arthur D. Little, the oldest strategy consulting firm in the world. Our passion: help individuals like you and organizations like yours to raise performance through best-in-class Strategy Execution.

Our philosophy

It’s all about Strategy Execution!

We believe there is more to a company than a great strategy. Yes, strategy is very important − even crucial − but without great execution, it has no value.

Imagine you run a removals company. And every day, of the 100 boxes you move for your customers, you lose 60. How long do you think you would stay in business?

And yet, according to the Harvard Business Review: “Companies realize only 40 to 60 percent of their strategies’ potential value.” The rest is lost along the way.

These numbers don’t look encouraging − but over the last 20 years, many companies have begun to realize. that it takes more than a great strategy to be No. 1 in their industry. You need to turn your fantastic strategy into fantastic performance.

And that’s where Strategy Execution comes in − to bridge the gap between brilliant strategy and superior performance. Luckily strategy has become a fast-growing bleep on the radar screens of top executives.

But simply appearing on the radar screen is not enough to make it happen. Every company − large or small − needs a specially tailored performance management process and managers who can operate it. When this happens, a great strategy turns into great performance!

What makes us different?

There are three things
that set us apart


We are focused only on what we do best: help companies execute strategy


We are high end boutique, only senior people, solid track record personally involved in every assignment.


We work side by side, strongly believe that leaders play a crucial role in strategy execution. Focus on transferring our knowledge and skills.

Over the last 20 years, we have developed great, long-lasting relationships with individuals in a variety of companies, both large and small, throughout the world. Together, we work on building best-in-class Strategy Execution capabilities within their organizations.

Curious to find out who?

Recognize us?

We’re very down-to-earth. People who know us have also described us as: pragmatic, professional, performance-driven and open-minded.

Where can you find us?

Our headquarters are in Brussels, but we don’t spend much time there. We tend to travel a lot, convening in one of our partners’ offices, or working at our clients’ sites. And we also spend quite a bit of time on Teams and Zoom, coaching / training people across the globe.